Circuit Court Products

Circuit Court Management System (CCMS)

Circuit Court Management System, CCMSSoftware Computer Group Inc. has developed the solution for your Circuit Court System. Our Circuit Court Management Software not only gives your court officers instant access to all necessary case information it also provides secure online access for any lawyer that subscribes to our related Circuit Express Software. Your court will enjoy much smoother operation and much lower operating costs.

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Circuit Court Imaging System (CCIS)

CCIS, Circuit Court Imaging Software logoThe CCIS module seamlessly integrates with your current Circuit Court Management System.  Unlike other imaging solutions, CCIS is hooked directly to your existing CCMS fourth screen docket entries.  CCIS imaging consists of 2 parts; (1) The imaging workstation (2) The scanner to scan the documents directly to your Circuit Court Management System.

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Circuit Express

 Since 1994 SWCG has collaborated with West Virginia Circuit Courts to provide an electronic information service named “Circuit Express”. This service provides a variety of access to Circuit Court docketing information and documents. Typical subscribers are law firms, state agencies, judicial entities and background checking firms.

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S.A.K. Trial Case Management

S.A.K. Trial Case ManagementWe’re the company that designed the case management software used by all WV magistrate courts and nearly all WV circuit courts. Now we’ve developed S.A.K., the Swiss Army Knife of tools for prosecuting attorneys. It’s easy-to-use software that’s fully customized for prosecuting cases in West Virginia.

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Mass Notify


Mass Notify is the fastest, most affordable and complete calling system, including integrated services for 911 Centers, Juror Calling, Church Memberships and business organizations.

Visit the Heads Up! Community page to learn more about an affordable rapid public notification platform available, allowing large and small organizations the ability to implement a full hosted and redundant public notification system for just pennies per population or household.