Customer Support

Help Desk Operations and IT Support

SWCG has been providing help desk support since 1975. Although are primary emphasis has been supporting our existing custom applications we have entered into a number of engagements to support customers with their hardware, networking, security, and day by day issues. We provide helpdesk and onsite support daily for over 1000 workstations. Read more below to see our flexible support options.

    Simply the best IT support in Charleston WV and surrounding areas.


Software Computer Group, Incorporated (SWCG), a West Virginia Corporation, is an organization that has been providing expertise in effectively applying computers to the access, analysis and use of information since the mid-1970's. SWCG is able to assist and guide organizations during any phase of computer information management and problem solving.


SWCG offers years of experience in DATA and WORD information processing expertise. The SWCG consulting group is made up of highly trained specialists who provide a broad range of professional services including systems analysis, system selection, programming, installation, networking, configuration, training, continued support through help desk or onsite support of the operating system and hardware plus offsite remote backup for disaster recovery. These services are available for a range of users which includes small firms with little or no computer experience to large corporations whose in-house capabilities have become overloaded and desire out sourcing.


SWCG keeps attuned to hardware and software developments on a national and local level. We pride ourselves on the ability to fit organizations with the right computer products based on their needs and budgets.

Support Options

Effective April 1, 2004

A support agreement may be acquired after an onsite evaluation of operating software, hardware, and infrastructure. This evaluation normally takes four (4) hours and is billed at $125.00 an hour. An evaluation document will be provided that substantiates our findings.

With an annual support contract

a) Services, which include phone calls, are billed in fifteen (15) minute intervals
b) Ninety dollars ($90.00) an hour during regular office hours
c) Guaranteed 2 hour response

Without an annual support contrac

a) Services, which include phone calls, are billed in ½ an hour intervals
b) One Hundred and twenty five dollars ($125.00) an hour during regular office hours
c) Response to calls will be made as technicians become available

Hourly rate calculations for services provided during off hours (does not apply to cabling)


a) Monday through Friday before 9:00 AM or after 5:00 PM Rate is calculated at 1.5

b) Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) Rate is calculated at 2.0

c) Holiday Rate is calculated at 2.5

Additional Block Option Purchase to reduce the hourly support rate

100 hours - $ 7000 ($ 70 an hour)

75 hours - $ 5625 ($ 75 an hour)

50 hours - $ 4000 ($ 80 an hour)

When one of the above amounts are received from your organization, that amount will be posted to a fund account. All services provided will be billed at the hourly rate associated with the amount paid and the total invoice amount will be subtracted from your fund account. You will receive a detailed invoice of services provided every fifteen days that depicts these transactions. Note that off hour multipliers will be used when services are provided during non business hours.