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CCIS Process

     CCIS Circuit Court Imaging Software Scanner     

The CCIS module seamlessly integrates with your current Circuit Court Management System.

Unlike other imaging solutions, CCIS is hooked to your existing CCMS fourth screen docket entries. With CCIS, the images that are saved to circuit court docket can be viewed on WV Circuit Express.

Its this simple; Look up a name, or enter a case number, Go to the fourth screen and press (I) for Image, (S) for Scan or (V) for View and then enter the docket line number you wish to Scan or View.

If Scan was selected, the pages in the scanner will be scanned and attached to the line number selected and the docket date will be highlighted.

If View was selected, the first six pages of the document our displayed on the computer screen. You can point and click with your mouse on a particular page and it will be displayed as a single page, you can page thru each page separately, you can print all or selected pages, and much more.

No need to go to the file cabinet ever again!


“Over the years, we have scanned over 1.6 million pages. Now we can retrieve those documents much quicker and provide better service to the public.” Paul Flanagan – Raleigh County

“We were considering a different scanning system but CCIS was so easy to use, it was the clear choice.” Camilla Ellis – Mingo County

"We've been using CCIS for some time now and the staff loves the convenience of retrieving documents with just a few mouse clicks. This system is much easier and more efficient than getting up and locating the file.  If a Judge or someone else has the file out, we are still able to look up the information with the click of a mouse."Brenda Miller – Ohio County

“When we scan a document, CCIS already knows the case number, names and all the identifying information. There is no need to key in the information a second time.” Brenda Jackson – Hancock County