Mass Notify For Higher Education


Mass Notify is the technology leader in notification software solutions for cost-effective, time-efficient communications between higher education institutions and parents.

With shrinking budgets for education and increased concern over security, it's more important than ever to find solutions that save money, reduce overhead, and increase the flow of communication between the university and parents.

Mass Notify for schools provides an easy-to-use, effective and affordable way for universities to reduce costs associated with manual communication methods, and to dramatically improve their outreach communications.

With Mass Notify, you can create and send personalized notifications to thousands of students and parents as well as to critical civil emergency services. There's no hardware to purchase, software to install or formal training necessary.

Key Educational Mass Notify:

University to Home Notification:

  • School Closed - Weather, Holidays and Semester Term Breaks
  • News Updates
  • Special Events
  • Parental Issues Relevant to University Policies
  • Target messages to desired devices: home phone, cell phone, text devices or email
  • Increase knowledge of school policies and issues
  • Automate police, fire and emergency services notification
  • Parental notification of problem student issues
  • Sports program and special events scheduling announcements
  • University employee notification
  • Intuitive, secure, and reliable interface via the web
  • No hardware expenses
  • Able to reach thousands of parents in multiple states with no long distance charges
  • Privacy controls / industry proven SSL encryption keeps parental data safe

Mass Notify Schools Key Educational Benefits

  • Increase Parental Awareness
  • Establish Better Customer Relationships
  • Raise Student Accountability
  • Increase Productivity of Staff

How Does it Work

  • Logon to your account.
  • Create and record your message.
  • Select the appropriate call group (by district, grade or even bus route).
  • Attach call list(s) to your notification..
  • Schedule your notification and let the system take over.

Notifications can be created and distributed within minutes

How Universities and Colleges Are Using Mass Notify Every Day

  • Boost student performance with Mass Notify by using it for "troubled student" notification.
  • Improve community safety by instantly alerting on-campus students, university employees and local public safety agencies to suspicious incidents or other security- related issues, including bomb threats, campus violence and abductions.
  • Aid practice and real emergency evacuation efforts by instantly and simultaneously informing on-campus students and employees.
  • Reduce drop-out rates by notifying parents in real-time that a student needs parental assistance.
  • Raise parent participation through timely communication with parents about upcoming school functions and events.
  • Improve parental relationship with regular student progress reports.
  • Inform parents of unscheduled closes due to weather or other factors.
  • Given the small size of some communities, rumors can surface quickly when there's an incident at the university or the community where the university is located. To prevent false or exaggerated accounts from spreading, a quickly implemented notification will inform parents precisely what happened and that it was a minor incident.