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Software Development

West Virginia Software Development


Software Computer Group Incorporated (SWCG) has extensive experience in existing legacy conversion, desktop, and embedded systems and has been providing design and programming services since 1975.

Software Computer Group’s Staff, has over 32 years of experience with computer systems large and small. With experience from user interface  design, client server, commercial desktop applications, to web based applications. SWCG has an ability to not only implement technical solutions, but also to tailor those solutions to a particular business context on time and within budget.




Customer Support

Customer SupportSoftware Computer Group has been providing customer support since 1975.  We offer technical support services to our clients that is top notch.  We have a proven track record of troubleshooting every kind of computer issue and software issue regardless of the complexity.

Our services include, but not limited to:

     Custom software support

     Troubleshooting and complete diagnosis of problems

     Automated online assistance, we can connect to your computer remotely with a quick online application



Data Conversions

Data Conversion



SWCG has years of experience with the transfer of data between different media and file systems, as well as with the recoding of data between differing systems.

SWCG's media conversion service can transfer data and image files from an unrivaled array of backup formats, even those that have been obsolete for many years.

In addition to data transfer and image transfers, SWCG can also transfer and manipulate data within any type of database to another new or existing database file or structure.